Pet Sitter Colorado Springs
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1Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter for your loving cats and dogs as well as other animals. We all have to leave our loving animals behind now and again, why not leave them with someone who will love them and make them feel comfortable while your gone?

2Dog Walker

Need someone to walk your pet while you work or have unscheduled appointments? Take care of your personal business even while your loving pets keep getting their exercise.

3Stay In Home Pet Sitter

Vacation? other out of town trips? We will watch your home and take care of your animals while you are out. Get text with image updates frequently to rest at ease while taking care of your business. We stay at your home, walk, feed, and play with your pets.


“I had to attend a funeral recently and my dog just had surgery. I had the pet sitters of colorado springs watch my home and pets while I was out. They fed and provided medicine to Fido just like I would have if I was there. Thank you so much for your awesome services.”


“I used to travel with my dog all of the time, but now that my dog is older he doesn\'t travel well. I hires the pet sitters of Colorado Springs and I am still able to work while my dog and hose are taken care of. ”


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